Lecture Topics

To invite Dr. Toder to speak to your organization, senior community, university or other venue on any of the following topics, please contact her at: francine@docToder.com:

*  Mindful Travel: (based on Toder's newest book, 2018)

*  Using Eastern philosophy and practices to enhance experience

*  The Vintage Years: Finding Your Inner Artist (Writer, Musician, Visual Artist) After Sixty (based on Toder's 2013 book)

*  Why take up the Fine Arts After Sixty?: The magic of playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, theater, writing, visual  arts, and more

*  How the older brain both facilitates and benefits from fine arts expression

*  Empowering seniors through communication technology

*  Wisdom: getting better as we age

*  Building and maintaining a relationship with your adult kids (based on Toder’s second book, Your Kids are Grown: Moving On With and Without Them

*  Learning to live again—after the loss of a child   (based on Toder’s first book: When Your Child is Gone: Learning to Live Again)

*  Psychological themes including:

     > reversing ageism in society, 

     > psychosocial aspects of aging, 

     > practical advice to caregivers and the sandwich generation,

     > empowering and inspiring boomers and beyond

Dr. Toder is open to other ideas for lecture topics.

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